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Dive into our blockchain-based ecosystem and discover the future of digital content.

Hyperbridge Ecosystem

Hyperbridge is developing a decentralized, open-source, and blockchain-agnostic ecosystem to address a critical absence in the blockchain space: users. Through the development of a blockchain ecosystem and intermediary applications, we want to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain applications and solutions by providing convenience, control, and value to our users.

To achieve this, Hyperbridge Technology is focused on developing solutions, applications, and systems that transcend the current confines of blockchain enabled programs. Currently, the ecosystem consists of:

CONVENIENT - A platform and marketplace
  • A point of access to search blockchains dapps, users will be able to find, integrate and utilize decentralized and conventional applications.
  • Designed to augment the Web 2.0 experience, Blockhub can serve as a singular platform for users to manage their digital lives.
  • Manage tokens and currencies securely, enabling purchasing and utilization.

VALUE - Data management and security service
  • A service that enables users to control, secure and manage their data, along with the value attached to it.
  • Allows for identity obfuscation, or utilization of services that require identity-permanence
  • Create opportunities for income generation based on user-permissioned sale of data

CONTROL - Managed by a governance structure
  • Token holders maintain ultimate control over developments in the ecosystem
  • In the interest of decentralizing the day-to-day operations of the ecosystem major decisions will be deferred to a Republic of trusted industry leaders
  • The Republic contributes to the development of borderless collective group governance

For more read the white papers and join us in our quest for an interoperable future!